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06-11-2020 14:15:00
France : Passport Page used in Ceylon with BMA Stamp as Consular Revenue

This is a page (page 25/26) removed from an original passport bearing a stamp issued for British Military Administration (BMA) for Straits Settlements and Malaya.


The stamp is with a face value 2¢ and was issued from October 1945 and was meant to last until 1948. However, last recorded usage was in 1951[1]. The initial BMA was overprinted on Straits Settlements featuring the portrait of King George VI.

It is interesting that BMA passport issued for Malaya was used in Colombo, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka).


The text is not really legible except for:
"authorised à sojourn ? ?"

Paseport cen?tràl office



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