About PaperToTravel.com
Last Update 19th July 2017 05:04:57 PM
This website is an extension for www.exonumi.com as to group away ephemera collection as Passports and Travel Documents. Unlike www.exonumi.com which allows public to register and managing their personal collection, this website is meant to be a publishing site for information covering identity documents as well as travel documents mainly from Malaysia, United Kingdom, Bosnia, Germany and Denmark (other countries are also added and are in the mixed group) which are in our collection for public to study and to marvel at their beauty and design.
Apart from building an ephemera collection, it is also to study and documenting these documents based on their physical attributes and history.
As information are not static, therefore, updates will be made periodically as information is being discovered. These materials can be used to tell a richer story about migration and places that people have been to or where they are coming from. At the same time allowing visitor to adjudicate based on the photographic evidence.

Government Issued Identity Documents pertaining to this collection are:
  • Passport Booklet / Certificate / Card
  • National Identity Card / Document
  • Special Forces Identity Card (Police, Army, etc)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate / Family Book
  • Citizenship / Naturalization
  • National Driving License / International Driving Permit
  • Residence Card
  • Visa Sticker / Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Seaman's Card / Book

Literally, it means any document which has been issued to a person by or on behalf of a Government to which he/she is a subject or citizen and includes any form of valid document of identity issued for the purpose of travel by any government and recognized as a travel document. Therefore, government issued coupon or warrant will not be included.


Collecting information for this website is not without its own unique challenges. People are sceptical in sharing information, or physical information for that matter. But, it is well anticipated because dealing with people, is not without beating over and again. Emails sent without reply is a norm.


Documents which were acquired from public domain which already been unedited will be published as is.

As for documents sourced directly; personal and private information will be blackened which include but not limited to personal photo, full name, birth date, government ID number, document number, personal address(es) and other information which is considered sensitive. However, previous owner may decide which information may be kept as is.

Rights of keeping documents are transferred indefinitely to PaperToTravel.com upon successful and concluded sourcing process.


Whilst some images are from different sources and no copyrights are being claimed by PaperToTravel.com, however all of the collection items in PaperToTravel ownership's images and their derivations are controlled and owned by PaperToTravel.com

Copyrighted materials in this website, including but not limited to, scanned images, images derivations, articles and writing; that fall under PaperToTravel.com ownership are not permitted from being re-published without explicit permission.


I would like to thank Yasmin Asmira and Niklaes Larsson as being part of administration team and helping with sourcing and posting materials for public reading.