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Malaysia : Passport (1967 — 1972 — 1977) Variety III

On page 5 under OBSERVATIONS,
Bearer is also known as TEOH CHIN HUAT

Model C : Malaysia 1963 — 1970


Variety I - No alteration on the Diplomatic Request Page, permitted countries are rubber-stamped.
Variety II - No alteration on the Diplomatic Request Page, permitted countries are pre-printed.
Variety III - Alteration on the Diplomatic Request Page.

There may be two varieties with coat-of-arms, one with Singapore and the other when Singapore was expunged from the Federation.

Predominant Colour Cover: Red with two cut-out windows
Pages: Grey-greenish
Watermark Tiger's Head
Page Decoration Two arcs, both forming a circle in the middle of the page with similar text:
Dimension League of Nation 1920 Passport Conference
105 × 155 mm
Total of Pages 32 + 2 unnumber pages.
Printer Crown Agents (Thomas de la Rue, London)
Front Cover Cut-out Window 1
Passport Holder's Name (Handwritten)

Document's Name

Coat-of-Arms of
the Federation of Malaysia

Country's Name

Cut-out Window 2
Passport Number (Printed)
Front Cover - Interior Side Diplomatic Request Page
Page 1 Total Page in the Booklet

Document's Name

Country's Name

Document's Number (Printed)
Document Holder's Name(Handwritten)
Document Holder's Number of Accompanying Children
Document Holder's Citizenship
Page 2 Holder's Description (Handwritten)
Holder's Children Description (Handwritten)
Page 3 Holder's Photo
Holder's Signature Slip

Three Boxes for Children's Photos
Page 4 Permitted Countries (Rubber-stamped)
Passport Validity (Rubber-stamped)
Page 5 Renewals
Page 6 until Page 30 Visas
Page 31 Foreign Exchange for Travelling Expenses (Basic Allowance)
Page 32 Foreign Exchange for Travelling Expenses (Special Allotments)
Additional Page (Backside) ~ Empty Side ~ 
Additional Page Notes & Regulations (Malay)
Back Cover - Interior Side Notes & Regulations (English)

Cover was printed using gold foil debossing technique where the print is pressed into the material to leave a permanent cavity.


The request page was printed in two languages, Malay and English and was officially signed by issuing officer. (For Variety I and Variety II)
Bahawa sa-nya atas nama Yang di-Pertuan Agong Persekutuan Malaysia di-minta sakalian yang berkenaan supaya membenarkan pembawa paspot ini lalu dengan bebas dengan tiada halangan dan memberi kapada-nya apa-apa jua pertolongan dan perlindongan yang perlu.

There are to request and require in the name of the Supreme Head of Malaysia all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.
Bagi Pehak Menteri Luar / Konsol Kerajaan Malaysia.
For Minister of External Affairs / Consul of the Government of Malaysia.

In Variety III,
Bagi Pehak Menteri Luar / Konsol Kerajaan Malaysia.
(For Minister of External Affairs / Consul of the Government of Malaysia.)

been cancelled and rubber-stamped with
Bagi Pehak Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri Malaysia.
(For Minister of Home Affairs Malaysia.)


Malaysian passports were made valid for all countries.

For Variety I, the exception countries were rubber-stamped,
(refer to MP-31)

Variety II, has preprinted the restriction,
Albania, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia,
Estonia, German Democratic Republic (East
Germany), Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North
Korea, North Vietnam, Poland, Roumania,
Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R.

Israel was rubberstamped. (Refer to MP-53)

Seen in Variety III, the permission as in Variety II but was cancelled and replaced by
Albania, China, Cuba, German Democratic
Republic (East Germany), Israel, North Korea,
North Vietnam.
(amendment in 1972, refer to MP-624)


Page 31
Foreign Exchange for Travelling Expenses.

No entries to be made on this page except by a Bank or Travel Agency in Malaya or the United Kingdom.

The Malayan Controls remind travellers that the basic travel allowance is issued subject to a condition that it shall be used only for their own personal expenditure abroad. Any unused foreign currency should be offered for re-sale to the traveller's bank or travel agency and any unused traveller's cheque, etc., should be encashed.
Date Serial Number of Exchange Control Application Form (For refunds, the word "Refunded.") Amount issued or refunded (Sterling equivalent to nearest £1) Stamp of Bank or Travel Agent issuing exchange



Page 32
Foreign Exchange for Travelling Expenses.

No entries to be made on this page except by a Bank or Travel Agency in Malaya or the United Kingdom.
Date Serial Number of Exchange Control Application Form Amount issued or refunded (Sterling equivalent to nearest £1) Stamp of Bank or Travel Agent issuing exchange




Notes and reminder where printed in two languages, Malay and English.


1. Paspot ada-lah di-keluarkan dan di-baharui oleh pehak berkuasa yang berkenaan di-Malaysia dan oleh Wakil2 Kerajaan Malaysia di-negeri luar: maka kapada-nya-lah meminta. Di-negeri2 yang tiada wakil Kerajaan Malaysia boleh-lah minta kapada pegawai diplomat atau konsol British.

2. Paspot ini boleh di-pakai sa-lama lima tahun dari tarikh mula2 di-keluarkan kechuali jika di-dalam-nya ada di-nyatakan lain daripada itu, dan boleh di-baharui dari tarikh habis tempoh-nya dengan sharat tidak boleh lebeh dari tempoh 10 tahun dari tarikh mula2 di-keluarkan. Bayaran pembaharuan $2/- bagi tiap2 tahun. Paspot tidak boleh di-pakai lebeh daripada 10 tahun dari tarikh pengeluaran-nya yang pertama. Jika di-dalam paspot tiada tempat lagi untok menuliskan visa hendak-lah ambil paspot yang baharu.

3. Paspot boleh di-pakai untok negeri2 yang di-tunjokkan pada muka 4. Barang slapa memakai paspot-nya dengan melanggar batas2 dan had2 yang di-tetapkan di-dalam-nya harus ia tidak akan mendapat perlindongan dari wakil2 Kerajaan Malaysia sa-masa ia maseh di-luar negeri. Orang yang mempunyai paspot tidak-lah terlepas daripada mengikut peratoran2 imigeresen yang berlaku di-negeri2 luar dan juga daripada mengambil visa atau surat kebenaran di-mana2 yang di-kehendaki.

4. Paspot yang mengandongi keterangan hal anak pembawa tidak boleh di-gunakan oleh anak itu jika mereka pergi bersendiri.

5. Anak yang sudah sampai 15 tahun umor-nya hendak-lah mempunyai paspot sendiri.


6. Warga Negara Malaysia yang tinggal di-negeri luar hendak-lah dengan sa-berapa segera mendaftarkan nama dan alamat-nya kapada wakil Kerajaan Malaysia. Kalau tidak di-perbuat demikian dalam masa dzarurat harus-lah kelak payah atau lambat mereka mendapat pertolongan atau perlindongan yang mereka berhak menerima-nya sa-bagai warga negara daripada Kerajaan Malaysia, dan lagi pun, Jika timbul sa-suatu hal, harus ia akan hilang hak Kera'ayatan Malaysia. Hendak-lah memberi tahu apabila bertukar alamat atau berkeluar daripada negeri itu.


7. Orang2 yang jadi Warga Negara Malaysia boleh memiliki rupabangsa negeri lain sa-lain daripada kera'ayatan Malaysia. Apabila mereka di-dalam negeri keraya'atan-nya yang kedua orang2 yang tersebut itu tidak-lah mendapat perlingdongan wakil Kerajaan Malaysia daripada langkah2 pehak berkuasa kerajaan negeri yang kedua itu ka-atas-nya, dan walau pun mereka mempunyai kera'-ayatan Malaysia tidak-lah mereka terlepas daripada kewajipan2 saperti berkhidmat dalam tentera yang harus di-sempurnakan oleh-nya menurut undang2 negeri itu.


8. Paspot ini tetap jadi hak Kerajaan Malaysia dan boleh di-tarek balek pada bila2 masa jua pun. Paspot2 tidak-lah boleh di-kirimkan dengan pos dari sa-buah negeri ka-sabuah negeri.

9. Paspot int ta-lah surat yang di-hargai dan jangan sa-kali2 di-ubah atau di-serahkan ka-tangan orang yang tiada hak memilitki-nya. Jika sa-kira-nya paspot im hilang atau binasa maka hendak-lah di-adukan hal ini dengan serta-merta ka-Pejabai Paspot yang hampir sa-kali di-Malaysia, atau kapada wakil Kerajaan Malaysia yang hampir sa-kali di-negeri luar dan juga kapada pehak polis tempatan. Di-tempat yang tiada wakil Kerajaan Malaysia hendak-lah hal itu di-adukan kapada Pegawai Diplomat atau Konsol British yang hampir sa-kali. Paspot yang baharu hanya boleh di-keluarkan sa-sudah di-siasat dengan sachukup-nya.

The Malay version has one wrong spelling marked in red.

1. Passports are issued and renewed by the competent authorities in Malaysia, and by Representatives of Malaysia abroad, to whom applications should be made. Where there is no Malaysia representative, applications may be made to a British Diplomatic or Consular Officer.

2. They are available for five years in the first instance unless otherwise stated, and may be renewed from the date of expiry, provided the total period of validity of ten years from the original date is not exceeded. The fee for each year of renewal is $2/-. They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. If at any time the passport contains no further space for visas, a new passport must be obtained.

3. Passports are available for the countries shown on page 4. A person using a passport in contravention of the restriction and limitations imposed in it may have the protection of the Malaysia representatives withdrawn while he is abroad. The possession of a passport does not exempt the holder from compliance with any immigration regulations in force in countries abroad, or from the necessity of obtaining a visa or permit where required.

4. A passport including particulars of the holder’s children is not available for the children’s use when they are travelling alone.

5. Children who have reached the age of 15 years require separate passports.

6. Citizens of Malaysia who are resident abroad should at the earliest opportunity register their names and addresses with a Malaysia representative. Failure to do so in a period of emergency may result in difficulty or delay in according Citizens of Malaysia the assistance and protection to which they are entitled. Failure to register may also render them liable, in certain circumstances, to loss of Citizenship of Malaysia, Changes of addresses or departure from the country should also be reported.

7. Persons who are Citizens of Malaysia may possess a foreign nationality in addition to their Citizenship of Malaysia. When in the country of their second nationality, such persons cannot avail themselves of the protection of Malaysia representatives against the authorities of the foreign country, and are not exempt, by reason of possessing Citizenship of Malaysia, from any obligations such as military service to which they may be liable under foreign law.

8. This passport remains the property of the Government of Malaysia and may be withdrawn at any time. Passports should not be sent from one country to another by post.

9. It is a valuable document and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into the possession of an unauthorised person. If lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the nearest Passport Office in Malaysia, or to the nearest Malaysia representative abroad, and to the local police. Where there is no Malaysia representative the loss should be reported to the nearest British Diplomatic or Consular Officer. New passports can only be issued in such cases after exhaustive enquiries.