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Bailiwick of Guernsey : British Visitor's Passport (1968)

A British Visitor's Passport issued for Mr. Leslie George Pallot and Mrs. Ruth Olive Pallot. It was issued in the Bailiwick of Guernsey under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor.

Side Folded-Section Description
Exterior Physical Colour Exterior : Orange-Peach
Sides are not numbered
1 Document's Name

Issuing Office
Her Britannic Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief at Guernsey

Country's Name
Guernsey and its Dependencies

Document's Numbering
Two alphabets followed by six digits
2 Conditions
3 Entry and Exit Stamp
Side Folded-Section Description
Interior Physical Colour Interior : Orange-Peach
Sides/pages are not numbered.
1 Particulars of Bearer
Particulars of Wife
Particulars of Children

Particulars of bearer and wife are divided by thick black lines horizontally. Then divided by black lines vertically from children.
2 Photograph of holder
Photograph of wife

Signature of bearer
Signature of wife

Foreign Exchange
3 Entry and Exit Stamp

Cardboard paper, folded into 3 sections.
Guernsey and its Dependencies
This passport is valid only for travel to those countries with which Her Majesty’s Government have reached agreement for its acceptance.

Ce passeport n'est valable que pour les pays qui, par un accord avec Ie gouvernement de Sa Majesté, se sont engagés à l'accepter.


1. This Visitor’s Passport is not renewable. On expiry application should be made for a new passport, if required.

2. This Visitor’s Passport is not valid for use by a person who intends to enter employment abroad or to stay in any country Visited for longer than three months.

3. A separate Visitor’s Passport is normally required for each adult and each child over the age of 16, but the bearer’s wife and/or children under 16 may be Included in the one passport.

4. This Visitor’s Passport may only be used by a British subject, citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies. It will not, however, be accepted as definite evidence that the bearer has this status.

5. The possession of this Visitor’s Passport does not exempt the bearer from compliance with any immigration regulations in force in the country or countries visited.

6. This Visitor’s Passport remains the property of Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and may be withdrawn at any time. It should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into the possession of an unauthorised person.

7. If the bearer of this document loses it whilst in the United Kingdom he should report the loss to the Police. If it is lost whilst abroad, he should inform the nearest British Embassy or Consulate.

8. Any person finding this document in the United Kingdom should hand it to the Police.
This Visitor’s Passport is a valuable document and should be carefully preserved.