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Republic of Croatia : Passport (2014 — 2019) ICAO Biometric ePassport

The holder has a residence in Bosnia and the information is reflected on page 3.

Immigration stamping from Bosnia (strikingly similar to Schengen format).

Crayon drawing on page 32.


Croatian Passport (Croatian: Hrvatska Putovnica) is issued to citizens of the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of international travel. The passport has the purpose of serving as proof of Croatian citizenship and identity.

From 29 June 2009, the government started issuing new biometric passports in Zagreb. Other local police stations started issuing biometric passports on 18 January 2010. The embassies or consulates will issue biometric passport from 30 June 2010. Croatia was the third country in Europe that started issuing second-generation biometric passports.

Serial number perforated from page 3 up to back cover.

Up to 20 5
21 and above 10


1. A passport is proof of identity and Croatian citizenship.

2. A citizen is obliged to carry a valid passport when travelling abroad. The photograph must be authentic and the personal information accurate. The passport must not be damaged or for any other reason unusable.

3. A passport is valid tor an unlimited number of travels abroad.

4. A citizen is obliged to immediately report the loss or discovery of a passport. The loss or discovery of a passport must be reported to the competent authorities if it has been lost or found in the Republic of Croatia, or if abroad, to the nearest Embassy or Consular Office of the Republic of Croatia.

5. A citizen shall not give his/her passport to another person for use, nor shall he/she use another's passport as his/her own.

6. This passport contains sensitive electronics. For best performance please do not bend, perforate or expose to extreme temperatures or excess moisture.