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Republic of Serbia : Identity Card (2009 — 2019) without Chip

Serbian identity card (Serbian: Лична карта / Lična karta) is the national identification card used in Serbia. Though the ID card is a primary photo ID, Serbian passport and national Drivers license are used as valid photo IDs for various purposes. It is issued to all Serbian citizens residing in the country above 10 years of age, while it's compulsory for those over the age of 16, with maximum validity of 5 years.

It features a light red and blue background, colors of the Serbian flag. Obverse background has a picture of a statue on the top of the Serbian government building in Belgrade, while the reverse has the small Serbian coat of arms.

First issued on 10 March 2008.

Machine Readable Zone

The data of the machine readable zone consist of three lines of 30 characters each. The only characters used are those of Serbian Latin alphabet, except for letters with diacritics (ŠĐĆČŽ - they are replaced by the appropriate letter without a diacritical mark), 0-9 and the filler character <.

The format of the first row is:

Positions Type Meaning
1-2 alpha ID, indicating an ID card
3-5 alpha Issuing country (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) code (SRB)
6–14 num ID card registration number
15 num check digit
16-28 num Personal number (JMBG)

The format of the second row is:

Positions Type Meaning
1–6 num Date of birth (YYMMDD)
7 num check digit
8 alpha gender (M-male; F - female)
9-14 num Date of expiry (YYMMDD)
15 num check digit
16-18 num Nationality of bearer ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code (SRB)
30 num check digit

The format of the third row is:

Positions Type Meaning
1–30 alpha Last name, followed by two filler characters, followed by given names