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United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland : Emergency Passport (1994)

This document was issued by British Embassy Rome.

Official remarks,
Bearer previously travelled on a British passport 917207C issued London 20/1/81 and on an E.P. issued Berne both of which have been declared stolen/lost. She is now returning to her home address in the UK: 115B Dudden Hill Lane, Neasden, London NW10.

Official notes,
*Notes: The possession of this Emergency Passport is not conclusive evidence of national status and does not exempt the holder from compliance with any immigration regulations in force in the Commonwealth country of destination. If, however, the destination, is shown as the United Kingdom the holder is assured of admission there without further formalities.

† The Emergency Passport should be completed in full by the office of issue. When it has to be issued before sailing or other. particulars are known, it is sufficient to show the form of transport to be used, e.g., rail, sea, or air.

‡ Such as purpose of journey, address in country of destination (in cases of repatriation), and previous passport particulars.
Dd 8246736 8640628 20M 3/90 Mcr(230533)