01-02-2019 22:22:55
Republic of Malta : Passport (1973 — 1978 — 1983)

The passport was issued in 1973 when it was State of Malta and made valid until after it became republic on 13 December 1974. Evidently, the diplomatic request was changed and can be seen on the interior side of front cover, a paper was put over.

It has two Entry Certificates for the United Kingdom, each valid for six months. It has a number of immigration stampings from Malta, United Kingdom, Portugal and Belgium.

The President of Malta requests and requires all those whom it may concern to allow bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

Valid for all parts of the Commonwealth and for all foreign countries.

Suspected that a paper was added after the change of the status to Republic but somehow was torn away.


1. Passports are issued and renewed by the competent authorities in Malta and by Representatives of Malta abroad, to whom application should be made. Where there is no Malta Representative, application may be made to a British Diplomatic or Consular Officer.

2. They are available for five years in the first instance and may be renewed for a further period of five years from the date of expiry. The fee for the five-year renewal is £M1. They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. If at any time the passport contains no further space for visas, a new passport must be obtained.

3. The possession of a passport does not exempt the holder from compliance with any immigration regulations in force in any territory or from the necessity of obtaining a visa or permit where required.

4. A passport including particulars of the holder's wife and/or children is not available for the wife's and/or children's use when she/they are travelling unaccompanied by the holder.

5. Children who have reached the age of sixteen years require separate passports.

The holder of this passport, if making his or her home, or staying for a prolonged period, in a foreign country, should be registered with the nearest Representative of Malta or where no such Representative exists with the nearest British Consulate.

This passport remains the property of the Government of Malta and may be withdrawn at any time.

It is a valuable document and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into the possession of an unauthorised person. If the passport is lost or destroyed in Malta, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Passport Office, Malta. If the loss occurs abroad, it should be reported to the Representative of Malta in the country or, where there is no Representative of Malta, to the nearest British Consulate, as well as to the local police. New passports can only be issued in cases of loss after exhaustive enquiries.