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Singapore : Restricted Certificate of Identity for Travel Between Singapore and Malaysia (1982 — 1983)

An interesting piece of Certificate of Identity, which was issued by the Singapore government to permit the holder to travel ONLY between Malaysia and Singapore. After the separation in 1965, both government agreed to issue Restricted Passport for their citizens and for those who can't prove their citizenship were supplied with Restricted Certificate of Identity. The last use of these documents were in 2005.

The difference between Restricted Passport and Restricted Certificate of Identity is on the requirement to get a re-entry permit to return to the country of residence, where Restricted Passport's holders were not needed to.

A certificate of identity is a travel document issued by a country to non-citizens residing within their borders who are stateless persons or otherwise unable to obtain a passport from their state of nationality.

The present Certificate is issued for the sole purpose of providing the holder with identity papers in lieu of a national passport. It is without prejudice to and in no way affects the national status of the holder. If the holder obtains a national passport this Certificate ceases to be valid and must be surrendered to the issuing authority.

This travel document is issued solely to facilitate the movement of the holder to and from West Malaysia and is not valid for travel to and from places other than West Malaysia.

This Certificate of Identity is the property of the Singapore Government. It is a valuable document and must not be altered in any way, nor should it be allowed to fall into the hands of an unauthorised person.

The holder of this Certificate must apply for a Re-entry Permit and Re-entry Visa at the Immigration Department, Singapore, if he intends to return to Singapore.

The holder is required to obtain a visa before entry into West Malaysia.

This Certificate should not be used if the holder has entered West Malaysia from any - country other than Singapore.

A Certificate of Identity including particulars of the holder’s children is not available for the children’s use when travelling alone.

Children who have reached the age of fifteen years require separate Certificates of Identity.

Any application for extension of the validity of this Certificate must be made in the prescribed form two months before the date of expiry to the Immigration Department, Singapore or the Singapore High Commission in West Malaysia.