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British Hong Kong : Multiple Visit Visa for Resident of Macao (1995 — 1997)

The Multiple Visit Permit [ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (????) ] was a travel document used by eligible Macau residents to enter Hong Kong.

Notes: 1. This permit is issued to Chinese residents of the region of Macau, who do not hold national passports, to enable them to visit Hong Kong.

2. The permit is normally valid for 24 months from the date of issue. It cannot be used, however, when the endorsement pages are filled, and a new permit must be obtained for further visits.

3. The length of stay on each visit must not exceed the period allowed by the Immigration Officer on the arrival of the holder. This period is stamped on the permit on each arrival.

4. The holder of the permit will not normally be permitted to spend more than 7 days out of each calendar month in Hong Kong.

5. The holder will normally be permitted to land in Hong Kong as a visitor and is prohibited from taking any employment, paid or unpaid, establishing or joining a business or becoming a student at a school, university or other educational institute while in Hong Kong.

6. The holder’s Macau identity card, which must be valid, should be produced for inspection each time the holder lands in or departs from Hong Kong.

7. The fine of this permit does not exempt the holder from the provisions of the Immigration Ordinance Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong.

8. The permit remains the property of the Hong Kong Government and may be withdrawn at any time.

9. This permit contains 16 page; exclusive of cover.