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Republic of Moldova : Identity Card — Model 1996 (1999 — 2006)

The card thickness is 0.7mm

The 1996 model is the first model of the identity card issued to citizens of the Republic of Moldova since the proclamation of independence in 1991. Issued since June 1996. The background image of the plastic card is made in the colors of the national flag of Moldova : blue, yellow and red. Plastic card is made of special strong impact-resistant plastic.


From birth to 10 years 
From 10 to 16 years
From 16 to 25 years
From 25 to 45 years
From 45 years for life


In the background of the title page the coat of arms of Moldova is depicted. The Moldovan national pattern is depicted on the left side of the title page.

At the top of the title page in Romanian, the country name - REPUBLICA MOLDOVA, the code name of the document - MDA CA and the title of the document - BULETIN DE IDENTITATE - are written in capital letters. In the lower left corner there is a metal hologram, which can be shimmered with different colors from exposure to light. In the background of the hologram is the coat of arms, the name of the country REPUBLICA MOLDOVA, the three-letter country code MDA (two times) and the six-digit number of the hologram. On the radius of the hologram are 15 five-pointed stars.

The document is code-named CA for the plastic card and RA for the accompanying sheet.
  • A color photograph of the holder in the size of 35 × 45 mm (may be absent if the holder's age is less than 10 years);
  • Background photo of the owner in gray tones (introduced since June 1, 2004, on documents issued earlier - absent)
  • First name (Romanian);
  • Surname (in Romanian);
  • Date of birth (in format - DD MM YYYY);
  • Place of birth (in format - three-letter country code, city or region);
  • Sex (M - if male, "F" - if female);
  • Group and Rh factor of blood, growth (in centimeters ), eye color (in Romanian);
  • Date of issue (in format - DD MM YYYY);
  • Department of issue (digital format);
  • Expiration date (in the format - DD MM YYYY);
  • Series and ID number (in red).
  • Under the photograph is the owner's signature . In the lower right corner is written the three-letter country code - "MDA".


The reverse side of the plastic card is made in blue tones. In the background, the Forty Fortress is depicted. The name of the country - "REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA" is written in uppercase letters in English, in which the title of the document - "IDENTITY CARD" - is also written in capital letters in English.

The reverse side contains the following information:
  • Nationality (in three-letter format);
  • Identification number (13 digits)
  • Surname (in Romanian and Russian);
  • Name (Romanian and Russian);
  • Patronymic (in Romanian and, sometimes, in Russian);
  • Place of birth (in the format - three-letter country code, city or district) in Romanian and Russian;
  • Date of birth (in format - DD MM YYYY);
  • Sex (M - if male, "F" - if female);
  • Expiration date (in the format - DD MM YYYY).
  • Below in the white box are letters and numbers. On the right side on the red background is a bar code .