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Republic of Singapore : Identity Card (Pink) 1986

Republic of Singapore identity card for citizen.

Update of address and National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number were issued by sticking a new paper on the back, perhaps the reason why the lamination was split.

The First Re-Registration 

Singapore's independence brought on the 1966 National Registration Act. All citizens and permanent residents were required to register or re-register for their ICs. A new identity card was thus introduced in 6 May 1966 and the re-registration exercise was rolled out in two phases. A total of 1, 233,705 cards were issued. 

Pink Identity Cards for Singapore Citizens  whilst Blue identity Cards for Permanent Residents. 

It replaced the old ones which proved to have some security weaknesses. Among the weaknesses, easily substituted photographs and an alphanumeric identification that changed each time an individual had to replace his or her IC. 

The ICs came laminated and printed with newly-issued identification numbers. Numbers unique to the individual, numbers that would be retained for subsequent IC replacements. 

Until 29 September 2002, the NRIC indicated its holder's blood group. This information was subsequently removed due to the widespread availability of quick blood group tests that are conducted during medical emergencies.