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Republic of Estonia : Temporary Residence Permit (2013 — 2018)


Non-EU citizens require a residence permit in most cases according to the Estonian Alien Act. Residence permits in Estonia can be temporary or permanent. Estonian temporary residence permits are issued for five years. An alien applying for residence permits is within the limit of the number of foreigners who immigrate to Estonia, which may not exceed 0.1% of the Estonian permanent population per year.

Until 31 December 2010 the residence permit data of an alien was entered to an identity document (ID-card) being issued to an alien and as a sticker to his/her travel document. Starting from 1 January 2011, residence card will be issued to the aliens residing in Estonia, who are not citizens of the European Union, instead of ID-card. 

A residence permit card contains personal data about the holder, residence and work permit information, a photograph and fingerprints (applicants over 6 year-old).

In 2018, a card for an adult cost €35.