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Kingdom of Sweden : Biometric Passport — Issue 1 (2008 — 2013)

Swedish passports are issued to nationals of Sweden for the purpose of international travel and also serve as proof of Swedish citizenship.

Biometric passports were issued since 1 October 2005 and a revised edition was issued from 2 January 2012.

The Swedish passports issued since 1 October 2005 are burgundy, with the words EUROPEISKA UNIONEN (EUROPEAN UNION), SVERIGE (SWEDEN) and PASS (PASSPORT) inscribed at the top of the front cover, and the Swedish lesser coat of arms emblazoned on the bottom of the front cover. The Swedish passport has the standard biometric symbol emblazoned below the coat of arms and uses the standard European Union design.

The data page is printed in Swedish and English, with translation in other official languages of the European Union elsewhere in the document.

Page 3 contains the guide to check the security features of the data page and is printed only in English.