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Bosnia and Herzegovina : Identity Card (2008 — 2018)

Bosnian-Herzegovinian identity card (Bosnian: Li?na karta, Croatian: Osobna iskaznica, Serbian Cyrillic: ????? ?????) is a compulsory identity document issued inBosnia. All Bosnian citizens who are residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina and are over the age of 15 have the right to apply for the national ID card; nevertheless, all Bosnian-Herzegovina citizens that are over the age of 18 must have an Identity Card issued by the police (Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova - MUP) by the city of residence.

It was first issued on 25 March 2003 and this version was used before 1 March 2013.

The date of birth is engraved in relief.

On the left side of the ID is the photograph of the bearer, whereas on the opposite side, a hologram is placed, with the country's flag and name being visible. The top edge of the card, or "the header", bears the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina in three/four languages (Bosnian and Croatian inscription is the same), Bosnian and/or Croatian, Serbian (in Cyrillic) and in English (BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA / ????? ? ??????????? / BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA); and on its reverse, the name of the card is written in the same languages, with an additional line inserted inCroatian. (LI?NA KARTA / OSOBNA ISKAZNICA / ????? ????? / IDENTITY CARD).