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State of Israel - International Passport (1983 — 1986 & 1990 — 1993)

The passport is opened from right to left.

The pasport was only valid for three years. It was renewed in 1990 and valid for another three 3 years.

It has immigration stampings United Kingdom, Denmark, Leichtenstein, Deutsche Democratic Republic (East Germany) and Berlin check-point.

State of Israel : Travel Passport

The Israeli passport ( דרכון ישראלי‎‎‎ darkon Israeli ) is a travel document issued to Israeli citizens to enable them to travel outside of Israel, and entitles the holder to the protection of Israel's consular offices overseas.

Israeli travel documents began to be issued in 1948, after the Israeli Declaration of Independence on 14 May 1948, and used Hebrew and French texts. At first the documents were not defined as a passport but as a laissez-passer travel document, this changed towards the late of the year 1952 when Israel began to properly named the document as a passport.

The first Israeli passports bore the limitation: Valid to any country except Germany in Hebrew and French. An Israeli citizen who wished to visit Germany had to ask that the words except Germany be deleted from their passport. This was done manually by drawing a line through these words. After the signing of the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany in 1952, the limitation was withdrawn and passports became valid to all countries.

On 30 March 1980, new regulations issued by the Minister of the Interior required Israeli passports to use Hebrew and English, instead of Hebrew and French. Subsequently, French were replaced by English texts.

Since 2013, biometric passports have been introduced. To obtain a biometric passport, "an applicant will have to appear in an Interior Ministry office to be photographed by the special camera which records information such as facial bone structure, distance between one's eyes, ears to eyes and ratio of facial features one from another. One will also be fingerprinted and all this information will be contained in the new high-tech electronic passport."


Israeli passports are issued by Population and Immigration Authority (PIA).

In the early days of the state, passports were issued only for two years. Afterwards, a passport was issued for a period of 5 years, with the possibility of extending it for another five years.

With the issuance of biometric passports, adult's document is valid for 10 years and minors under age 16 only for 5.


01.01.1992  Exact date of first issue is not known, perforations included front cover
01.01.2011 The date of first issue is approximate, perforations not made on front cover
01.01.2012 biometric passport

1992 and 2011 have different Menorah printing on the front cover.

Predominant Colour Cover: Navy Blue
Pages: Bluish-Greenish
Watermark Menorah
Perforations On top of interior pages using laser.
From page 3 to page 48.
Dimension ISO/IEC 7810 or ID-3 or B7
ICAO Standard Passport Booklet Size
88 × 125 mm
Total of Pages 32
Booklet Direction folium versum / Right-to-left
Front Cover
Country's Name
מדינת ישראל

Coat-of-Arms of
the State of Israel

Document's Name
Front Cover - Interior Side Diplomatic Request Page
Page 1 Document's & Country's Name

Document's Number
Total Page in the Booklet
Page 2 Adhesive Datapage and Laminated
Page 3 Previous Name
Maiden's Name

Permitted Countries
Holder's Signature
Page 4 & Page 5 Passport Renewals & Extensions
Page 6 Observations
Page 7 to Page 31 Visas
Page 32 Address Registration
Back Cover - Interior Side Rules & Regulations

The inner pages are decorated with the Israeli emblem of olive branches and the seven-branched menorah. A regular passport contains 32 pages, and a business passport contains 64 pages.

Israeli passports are valid for up to 10 years for persons over the age of 18. They are bilingual, using Hebrew and English. Since Hebrew is written from right to left, the passports are opened from their right end and their pages are arranged from right to left. 


The statement in an Israeli passport declares in Hebrew and English:
שר הפנים של מדינת ישראל מבקש בזה את כל הנוגעים בדבר להרשות לנושא דרכון זה לעבור ללא עכוב והפרעה ולהושיט לו במקרה הצורך את ההגנה והעזרה הדרושה.‎

The Minister of the Interior of the State of Israel hereby requests all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer of this passport to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford him such assistance and protection as may be necessary.


The information on the back endpaper was printed only in Hebrew.
דרכון זה הוא קנייה של מדינת ישראל והינו מסמך בעל ערך שיש לשמור עליו בקפדנות. אסור להוסיף, למחוק פרט בלשהו בדרכון, לתלוש דף או דפים ממנו, להשמיד או להשחית את הדרכון. החוק קובע שהמבצע פעולה כזו וכן מי שמשתמש שלא כחוק בדרכון שאינו שלו או מניח לאדם אחר להשתמש שלא כחוק בדרכונו, עובר עבירה פלילית ועלול להיענש.

אזרח ישראלי שהוא גם אזרח חוץ ובעל דרכון זר חייב להיכנס לישראל ולצאת ממנה בדרכון או בתעודת מעבר ישראליים.

במקרה של אובדן גניבת הדרכון בארץ, על בעל הדרכון להודיע על כך מיד ללשכת רשות האוכלוסין באיזור מגוריו. אבד או נגנב הדרכון החו"ל, יש למסור הודעה על כך לשגרירות או לקונסוליה הישראלית הקרובה למקום הימצאו.

שמור היטב על דרכונך לבל יאבד. בעת השימוש בו, יש להחזיקו בכיס פנימי ובטוח של בגדיך ולא בתיק או במכונית. ביציאתך לחו"ל מומלץ להצטייד בצילום של דף הפרטים.

הדרכון תקף לכל הארצות (אלא אם צוין אחרת) עד לתאריך הרשום בעמוד 2. לאחר תום התוקף, או אם הדרכון נתמלא או נתבלה יש להחליפו בחדש.

לתשומת לבך!! דרכון זה מכיל מעגלים אלקטרוניים רגישים. לתפקוד מיטבי של מעגלים אלה, נא לא לקפל, לנקב ו/או לחשוף את הדרכון לטמפרטורות גבוהות ו/או ללחות מופרזת.‎

This passport is the property of the State of Israel and is a valuable document which must be preserved carefully. Do not add or delete any information in the passport, tear out a page or pages from it, or destroy or corrupt the passport. The law states that the perpetrator of such action and who uses an illegal passport that is not his or lets anyone else use his passport illegally, has committed an offense and is liable to be punished.

An Israeli citizen who is also a foreign citizen and holds a foreign passport must enter and exit Israel with an Israeli passport or travel document.

In the case of loss or theft of the passport in Israel, the nearest Population Office must be immediately notified. If the passport is lost or stolen overseas, the nearest Israeli embassy or consulate must be notified.

Be careful not to lose your passport. When you use it, keep it secured inside the pocket of your clothes and not in your bag or car. When you travel abroad, it is recommended to bring a photocopy of the information page.

The passport is valid for all countries (unless otherwise noted) until the date listed on page 2. After expiration, or if your passport has worn thin or is filled, it must be replaced with a new one.

Attention!! This passport contains sensitive electronic circuits. For optimal functioning of these circuits, please do not fold, puncture and/or expose your passport to high temperatures and/or excessive moisture.