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Federation of Malaya : Provisional Passport (1957)

This provisional passport was issued to allow transition from British Passport to Federation's Malayan Passport. The document was issued from Merdeka Day until 1 March 1958. This one was issued less than two weeks after Federation's Independence (Merdeka Day).

The passport clearly notes the citizenship of the passport holder as a Citizen of the Federation of Malaya. It would also be interesting to note, despite not noted on the passport, the holder was also a Citizen of the United Kingdom & Colonies by virtue of his birth in the Straits Settlements and Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957 which permitted CUKCs to retain their citizenship.

The cost for the document was $3[1] and stamp added as it was common to use postage stamps for revenue collection.

The document was printed by Jothee & Co, 3590-57. If the company has survived then it must has evolved to Jothee & Co Printers No. 4, Lebuhraya Pasar, Lebuh Pasar, 10200 George Town, Penang


There was only one visa on second page to visit Thailand which only took place for one day.


It was noted that the passport holder has an alias and was also known as LOH THATT KHEAN.

Presumably his original name before his conversion to Christianity. As it was quite common during this time the Straits Chinese to embrace Christianity and have a western sounded name to reflect their new faiths.


Restricted countries were noted on the second page: Hong Kong, USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Soviet Occupied Germany, Albania, Roumania, China, Korea, Vietminh.



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