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United Kingdom - British Passport Booklet : Folded Sheet (1915) Consulate New York

This passport was issued to a 38-year-old Arthur Harry West by the British Consulate General of New York.

Upon unfolded, an extension can be seen on the right hand side. Effectively with the paper extension, which is a thin paper, constituting two more quadrants to the document.

The cover was removed, most probably intentionally, and a notice of Registration of British Residents Abroad was added in place.

It was renewed in Melbourne, Australia (1917) and another renewal in Canada (1919).

R1 C1 R1 C2 R1 C3 R1 C4 R1 C5 R1 C6
R2 C1 R2 C2 R2 C3 R2 C4 R2 C5 R2 C6
  1. Fold horizontally R2 on top of R1.
  2. Folded vertically, overlapping C4 againt C3 and C5 against C2
  3. Folded vertically, C3 against C2
  4. Close the cover together
  5. Column 6 is an extension paper.