08-03-2017 12:52:13
Malaysia : Embarkation / Disembarkation Card (2011) IMM 26 Pin 1/09

A departure card, also known as an outgoing passenger card or embarkation card, is a legal document used by immigration authorities to provide passenger identification and an effective record of a person’s departure from certain countries. It also serves as a declaration in relation to health and character requirements for non-citizens entering a particular country. The departure card can come attached with its corresponding arrival card with the former being retained in the passport after passport control clearance. The card is then surrendered to passport control upon departure.

The two portions are joined together with perforation for tearing.

Decisions made by Immigration Department and the Home and Tourism ministries abolished the requirement from 1 June 2012. The procedure was no longer required following the introduction of the biometric recording system by the Immigration Department. The system records the data of foreigners through the National Enforcement Registration System (NERS), which was introduced on 1 June 2011, fulfilled the Tourism Ministry's requirement to record the data of foreign tourists to Malaysia.