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Kingdom of Denmark : Health Insurance Card — Sundhedskort (Høje-Tastrup Kommune — Valid From 2015, Invalidated in 2016)

Anatomy of the card

This card is rendered "invalidate" due to change of holder's address in 2016.

It has no expiry date.


Health Insurance Card (sundhedskort or the yellow card) is for treatment in Denmark.

Health Insurance Card also acts as a proof of identity at hospital, municipal designated doctor, at libraries and in many other contexts. It is recommend that a person to always carry the yellow Health Insurance Card.

Order for a Health Insurance Card can be made at Copenhagen Citizen Service Centres (or Municipal Citizen Service Centres (Borgerservice)).

The insurance card are sent to a person Danish address. The card will show personal name and address, CPR number and the name and address of designated doctor.

One can get a new Health Insurance Card free of charge, if:

  • it is one's first Health Insurance Card.
  • move to a new address.
  • change the name in connection with due to wedding. Will get the card automatically in the mail after the change is registered.
  • designated doctor closes down or moves to a new address.
  • designated doctor passes on his/her practice to another doctor.
  • the magnetic stripe on the health insurance card does not work and one have kept and used the card correctly.

The Health Insurance Card is valid for as long as one is resident in Denmark and do not change the information printed on the card.


Health Insurance Card will be mailed approximately 14 days after Folkeregisteret (Public Registration Office) has received payment. 

The yellow Health Insurance Card (sundhedskort) covers treatment in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.