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Kingdom of Denmark : Passport (1989 — 1999) 'European Community'

Series: Det Europaeiske Fællesskab / The European Community

Cover : Burgundy

Denmark was one of the first countries to start issuing EC passports.

The cover, unlike other passports, is made of plastic without any mixture of paper.

Issued by Danish Consular in Frankfurt and only two immigration stampings from German Democratic Republic (East German).

Not valid after 01/03/2010
Pages: 32
Embossed pattern over the whole cover

Any extension is indicated on page 5 in handwriting with the stamp of the issuing authority. Within a period of up to 24 months after the maximum period of validity the document can be extended for up to 12 months. The serial number begins with "A". Valid until the date indicated on the biodata page.

Section 12: height is entered in handwriting; section 13: colour of eyes is indicated by underlining appropriate colour; section 15: children are entered in handwriting; endorsed with issuing authority's stamp and signature

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