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United Kingdom - First British Passport Booklet : Folded Sheet (1921)

It is one huge pink folded paper, thus when opened creating a 10 section on the front (interior) and 8 on the back (exterior). It was only 8 side on the back due to two folded sections were glued to the passport cover.

Passport fee was 6 pence then which was roughly £2.65 in today's money and the passport was only valid for two years.


Golden colour Coat-of-Arms in the center of the cover.

Passport number was hand-stamped and holder's name written by hand in the bottom window.


Renewals were made twice, first in Constantinople on 16 May 1923 to extend the validity until 28 April 1925 and for a second time on 15 April 1926 for a further extension until 28 April 1927.

The second renewal is presumed to take place in London based on the oval handstamp.


Quite interestingly, two stamps were used for revenue collection for the two renewals.

One with face value of 2 shillings bearing CONSULAR SERVICE was used at British Consulate-General, Constantinople.

John Barefoot's Revenue Catalogue, number 136

The second stamp bearing PASSPORT showing same design and face value like the first one.

John Barefoot's Revenue Catalogue, number 9


The passport was finally cancelled by the Government of Bombay, India.