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Malaysia : International Passport — Model H (2012 — 2017) ICAO Biometric ePassport with 5-Year Validity

Passport : Malaysia ICAO ePassport 5-Year Validity : MYS-AO-02001 (01/02/2010) Coloured Photo.

Golden material embossed using hot foil stamping on the cover.


Noticeable features that are different from previous issue:
  1. Cover showing coat-of-arms of the Federation, emblazoned by MALAYSIA on top and PASPORT PASSPORT with ICAO ePassport logo at the bottom.
  2. On biodata page, the photo was integrated using thermal transfer printing.
  3. Passport number was laser perforated but unlike the previous one where each page has same size perforation, in this one the perforations get fainter towards the back page. Started from page 3 to page 48.
  4. Each page is showing Malaysia iconic landmarks, previously showing only coat-of-arms of the Federation.
  5. Biodata page was moved from interior side of the front cover to page 2.
  6. Barcode added at the bottom of page 3.
  7. Passport holder signature was moved from page 32 to page 3.
  8. Passport control number is no longer exist.
  9. New notices/regulations text with poor English tranlations and the page was moved from interior side of back cover to page 48.


Immigration stamps from Gilbraltar and Andorra (proper immigration guard). Tourist stamps from Monaco (tourist office) and Liechtenstein (tourist office).


1. This passport is issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia or the Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad.

2. This passport is valid to be used according to its approved validity period. The passport must remain valid for at least 6 months before the date of any journey abroad.

3. The holder of this passport shall oblige and submit to the laws and the immigration rules and regulations of the visited countries and if so required, to apply for visas.

4. This passport remains the property of the Government of Malaysia and may be withdrawn at any time. This passport could not be amended and is not transferable to any party other than the holder.

5. in the event of lost of the passport, a police report should be lodged immediately and prior to making any deals at the Immigration Department or the Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad.

6. A Malaysian citizen residing abroad must register his/her name and latest address at the Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate office.

7. A Malaysia citizen who has become or holding any foreign citizenship could be revoked of his/her Malaysian citizenship.

8. The holder’s passport photograph should be replaced if the holder's looks and features have visibly changed.

This version was issued from 01/02/2010 and the mistake was only owned by the Immigration Department in April 2012.