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Republic of Lithuania : Citizen's Passport (1995 — 2004)

Lithuanian passport is an official document, issued exclusively to Lithuanian citizens to identify themselves as such and/or to facilitate travel outside Lithuania (there are other types of passports which may be issued by Lithuanian authorities to non-citizens; e.g. a Foreigner's Passport, or Stateless Person's Passport, or Refugee's Passport).

This format was issued from 02/04/1992 until 31/12/2002.

This particular passport has no immigration stamping, but on page 30 there is a "re-validation" from 14 June 2000. On page 29, it has the blood type and rhesus (updated on 12 November 1996) while on page 27 has the house address, probably of the passport holder.

Pages 4 to 24 are for visas; pages 25 to 29 contain information on ethnic nationality, spouse, children and registered place of residence; pages 30 and 31 contain information on passport's validity for foreign travel.