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Republic of Serbia : International Biometric Passport (2010 — 2015)

It has a number of stampings but mostly from Croatia.

The cancellations was made by two punched holes on the polycarbonate datapage.


Regular Serbian passports are issued to all Serbian citizens at any age, and it is the primary document for traveling and stay abroad, as well as for returning to the country. During the stay abroad, the travel document serves its identity holder and proof of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

Early 2008, new biometric passports of the Republic of Serbia were announced, the issuance of which was planned to start in March after handing out the first 204 passports that were delayed and held in April, and the start of issuing new passports for citizens was postponed for political and technical reasons until 7 July 2008. The first passports were handed to the citizens at the beginning of August 2008.

Predominant Colour Cover: Imperial Burgundy Red
Page: Featured a range of light colors, predominantly red, green, yellow and blue, and have the Serbian coat of arms in the middle. 
Watermark Coat-of-arms & page numbers.
Perforations Horizontal laser perforations at bottom all pages from page 1 to the back cover.
Page Description
Front Cover Country's Name


Document's Name

ICAO ePassport Symbol
Front Cover - Interior Side Coat-of-Arms
(Printed in in navy blue ink)

Document's Number
Datapage (Back side) Country's Name
Document's Name
Datapage Datapage
Page 1 to 32 Visas
Back Cover - Interior Side / Endpaper Notes & Regulations

The front cover was printed using golden hot foil stamping. It has 32 pages and additional polycarbonate datapage stitched-in.

The data page is printed in Serbian (Cyrillic script), English and French, while the personal data is entered in Serbian (Latin script).

On the surface layer above the photographs of the holder of the passport, it has been engraved with Serbian hymn in Cyrillic, in transparent letters (almost invisible to the naked eye). On the same page, there is also a hologram on which, depending on the viewing angle, you can see the photo of the owner or the expiration date of the passport.

Adults 10
3 to 14 years 5
Under 3 years 3

Fee is RSD 3,600.00 roughly around €30


The document was printed in Serbian (Cyrillic), English and French.



Овај пасош служи његовом носиоцу за путовање у иностранство, као и за утврђивање његовог Идентитета и држављанског статуса током боравка y иностранству.
Носилац пасоша је дужан да нестанак пасоша без одлагања пријави надлежном органу за издавање путних исправа и виза, а у иностранству, најближем дипломатском или конзуларном представништву Републике Србије, које је у обавези да носиоцу пасоша пружи конзуларну помоћ и заштиту.

This passport serves its holder to travel abroad and for establishing his/her identity and citizenship status during his/her stay abroad.
Holder of this passport is obligated to report without delay the loss of his/her passport to the competent authorities of issuance, if abroad, to the nearest diplomatic of consular mission ofthe Republic of Serbia, which is under the obligation to provide consular assistance and protection to its holder in a foreign country.

Le présent passeport sert à son titulaire pour les déplacements àl'étranger, ainsi que pour établir son identité et nationalité lors de son séjour à l’étranger.
Le titulaire du passeport doit déclarer sa disparition sans délaià l’autorité compétente délivrante, à l’étranger c’està la mission diplomatique ou le poste consulaire de la République de Serbie le plus proche, tenue de port-er au titulaire du passeport l’aide et la protection consulaire.
Пасош садржи 32 стране
The passport has 32 pages
Le présent passeport a 32 pages