Passport and other government issued identity documents are an interesting topic to divulge into. A must have document in this interconnected world where travelling is part of our modern integrated world with even stricter policing at the frontier or to drive around in a personal vehicle. Opening a bank account is no less bureaucratic which requires a person to establish his identity with some reputable and valid documents.

Sovereign has its own authority to issue different type of identity documents ranging from identity card, driver's license, birth certificate under its jurisdiction, therefore documents vary from one country to another. Going to a foreign country, visa and resident cards are issued to regulated those of non-citizen.

These documents are product of both politics and technology. First as a plea to protect and respect its bearer, later as mechanisms of security, and then tokens in global integration. It is part of symbols of nationhood: flags, stamps, banknotes & passports.

The activity of collecting passport and identity documents is grouped under ephemera : collecting paper and manuscript. Some are probably interested into specific country or region, period of issue, immigration stamps or multiple type of visas or perhaps philatelic revenue stamps. Or some are just collecting these documents in general. Whatever the reason is, each document is unique depending on the issuing country, issued visas and frontier seals; making collecting these documents a journey to fulfil for each piece's unique historic, pageantry and its aesthetic value.