Movement Between Resident of Peninsular Malaysia & East Borneo
For other purposes, Peninsular Malaysians are required to have a long-term residence permit along with a passport or a Restricted Travel Document to stay more than 3 months.

Permanent residency in Sabah and Sarawak

Permanent residency in the states of Sabah and Sarawak are distinct from the other 11 Malaysian states. While Sabah and Sarawak each has autonomy in immigration affairs (which includes imposing immigration restrictions on Peninsular Malaysiaresidents), permanent residents of Sabah and Sarawak are exempted from the immigration controls of their own states. A Malaysian citizen born to a Sabah or Sarawak permanent resident would have Sabah or Sarawak permanent residency, regardless of where the person was born. Birth in Sabah or Sarawak alone does not make a person a permanent resident unless one of his/her parents is a permanent resident. A person may become a Sabah or Sarawak permanent resident by obtaining Permanent Residence (PR) status issued by the respective state immigration departments. The permanent residency status of a person is indicated by a letter on his/her MyKad below the photo, with H for Sabahans, K for Sarawakians, and none for Peninsular Malaysians.[3] A similar scheme is also used inMalaysian passports, differentiated by the letter prefix of the passport number:H for Sabahans, K for Sarawakians, and A for Peninsular Malaysians